We are a company aimed at giving our customers deep, meaningful and fun travel experiences, offering a unique insight of the places that we visit. Our activities are designed to help you to discover the local culture through an informed, fresh perspective that will give an alternative twist to your visit. Our company helps travelers, educative institutions, and companies to create and develop carefully designed programs that can help to make your trips a significant experience, that can be used to complement formal learning programs with cultural activities and cultural immersions. Our team is composed of city enthusiasts with a comprehensive experience on cultural interpretation and program planning.


David Rincón

I am the director and founder of Wanderers. Originally from Bogotá, I first arrived to Mexico city to do a Master's degree in Museum Studies and Cultural heritage in the school of conservation of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and since then I have been in love with this enchanting and intoxicating city. I have a background in social sciences (studies of Political Science and a degree in Psychology) and worked on the cultural field for more than 10 years, in museums of history, art, anthropology and archeology and also as a professor in the Heritage Studies faculty of Universidad Externado de Colombia, and the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH-INAH) of Mexico. Also, I am a musical collector and DJ.

During the last years, I have been devoting myself to getting to know the city better to be able to have a grasp of the rich and complex culture and history of the City of México to become a local tour guide. I am the author of the self-guided audio tour for Mexico City in the Iphone app TripScout.

I firmly believe that every travel is not just a tour but can instead be a life changing experience when you are able to have a grasp of the complexity and richness of the local culture. My goal is to engage my customers into fun, pleasant but at the same time deep, critical and informed experiences and to make sure that our clients have the best time during our activities.

Salvador García

Programs Coordinator. I am sociologist that have been involved with programs of intercultural exchange, social volunteering and social causes for most than 20 years, in different cities and areas of rural Mexico. This experience has given me a sensibility for social and cultural issues of the different social groups of the country and it has marked me with a serious commitment to the care of issues such as poverty, corruption and human rights violations affecting Mexico. Although most of my practice I have developed in the rural part of the country, the years I have lived in Mexico City allow me to identify the signs of a contradictory, complex society, individualistic but solidary when the situation requires.