City Walks

Our city walks are designed to provide you an insight of the city

These personalized experiences are carefully curated and will take you and your party to selected places where we will explore interesting and cool neighborhoods, try local restaurants, and see all the iconic sites while you learn about the local history and culture. We will pick you up and drop you off at your hotel or accommodation*, and will take care of the expenses of the journey.

Mexican Kaleidoscope

Are you looking for an insight into the rich and complex capital of Mexico? Join us for this kaleidoscopic approach where you can get a grasp of the diverse and unique feel of Mexico City from different angles: History, mythology, architecture, archeology, design, street art, politics and contemporary issues. We will learn about the development of the city from the Aztec times to present day as we visit iconic buildings and walk through the streets, markets, and plazas of the historic center. During this tour we will enjoy delicious food and drinks that will invigorate and give you a taste of the flavors of Mexico.

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A City of Museums

Did you know that Mexico City has more museums than almost any other city in the world? With such a quantity of forums, collections and objects, it can be hard to choose what to do or which museums to visit. We will explore three aspects of the cultural heritage as we visit the National Museums of Anthropology, History, and the Museum of Modern Art, [located all on the Chapultepec Park]. On this journey you’ll be accompanied by a museum professional that will give you a fresh, fun and informed perspective to help you to discover the city’s cultural jewels.

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A Route of Style and Urban Renovation: Juarez, Roma and Condesa

The neighborhoods of Juarez, Roma, and Condesa are the current symbols of style and good taste in Mexico City. On your tour we will walk the streets of the neighborhoods where infamous figures like Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, among others, spent their time in the city, as we explore the most notable examples of 20th Century architecture and visit some of the hottest places of the city in terms of design, fashion and hip culture.

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Teotihuacan: The City Where The Gods Were Made

A long time ago when the Aztecs ruled this land and found the ruins of this abandoned city, they thought that these pyramids were made by the gods themselves so they called it ‘Teotihuacan’, the city where the gods are made. During your tour we will see how this city was not part of a divine plan but the product of the evolution of the Mesoamerican civilization that reached its highest point during the seven hundred years of splendor of this culture. As we climb the pyramids and explore the area, we will discover the secrets of this fascinating Pre-Columbian civilization.

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Going South: Coyoacan and Its Cultural Treasures

During your tour we will approach the artistic, intellectual, cultural and political history of Mexico City in the 20th Century through a visit to the South part of the city by exploring Frida Kahlo ́s House and the House of Leon Trotsky. From there we will explore the neighborhood, an inspiring barrio for modern day bohemians. At the end we will visit Mexico ́s alma mater: The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the most important University in Latin America and one of the finest examples of functionalist architecture of the city.

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The B Side of the History of Mexico: From Tlatelolco to Mexico's Dirty War

On your tour we will explore an alternative version of the history of Mexico, a history of defeat. We shall address political issues to give you an idea of the dramatic history of the country which will help you better understand the problems that affect Mexico nowadays. We will explore the site of Tlatelolco and the “Plaza de las Tres Culturas”, a place destroyed by the Aztecs, by the Spaniards, by earthquakes, stained with the blood of students killed in the massacre of 1968, as other sites and memorials. On your tour you will be exposed to a side of history charged with tragedy, but also with the spirit of resistance.

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Personalized City Walks

If you have a particular interest in topics such as history, archeology, architecture, design, politics, or any other area, please contact us. We will design a custom made program to fulfill your interests and needs. Contact us for more information.

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